Sansevieria care

The members of the genus Sansevieria do best on a sunny to bright location throughout the year. Especially the coloured cultivars need some more light for showing the variegated leaves. A light shaded place will be tolerated for some of the green forms.

If placed outside during summer, make sure that water can flow out of the pot. Bring back inside if the temperature is falling below 10 °c/50 °f constantly. To avoid burned leaves the plants should slowly be adapted to the direct sun.

The soil should be well drained. A regular cactus mix can be used. For the most of my plants i’m using a mix of potting soil, lay granulate, pumice and coarse sand (1:1:1:1).


From spring to fall they can be deep watered. Whats flowing out of the pot should be removed after a few minutes. Wet legs can cause rotten roots. Allow to dry before watering next.

In spring/summer a half diluted cactus fertilizer can be given monthly. New bought or recently repotted plants don’t need to be feeded for the first year.

Snake plants can be cultivated at room temperature throughout the year with a winter minimum of 14 °c/57 °f. If wintering colder it needs less watering and no feeding.